Working with the NDIS for Professional Organisers

What you need to know about the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme | taught by Jennifer Manefield
Jennifer Manefield
Jennifer Manefield
Research & Development IOPO

About the instructor

Jennifer Manefield - Jennifer's Decluttering Solutions

Jennifer started Jennifer’s Decluttering Solutions in June 2014 and began immediately working full-time, initially with senior Australians decluttering and downsizing with a particular emphasis on chronic disorganisation, hoarding and dementia. Her interest in how mental health issues impact peoples’ ability to manage their possessions means she has increasingly begun to work in the mental health sector and is excited by the potential role for Professional Organisers within the constantly evolving NDIS. She is passionate about both professional development and her industry. She is now an Accredited member of the IOPO and serves on the Board in the Research & Development role.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is currently rolling out across Australia and is in constant evolution. At the Institute of Professional Organisers, we have been working hard to decipher and explore what this could mean for your business.

As Professional Organisers you may already be working with participants of the NDIS in your state. You may have had enquiries from stakeholders or simply heard there is potential for participation by organisers.

NOTE- 2.0 version of this course is currently being crafted due to recent changes in regulations, registration, and oversight by the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. The general information on the intent, structure and function of the National Disability Insurance Scheme inside this webinar course continues to be correct.

During this course which has been created from our live webinar Jennifer Manefield, Advisory Board Member of the IOPO will outline the structure of the NDIS to help you understand the various stakeholders. Identify both the current roadblocks to working effectively with the NDIS and strategies to work effectively.

The question is can we bridge a gap between what the NDIS understands about Professional Organisers and the role we can play?

We’d also like to invite ALL Professional Organisers to take part in a survey. It’s designed to gather valuable information about the organising industry.  And further asks about your successes and challenges with the NDIS. Take the Survey NOW

During Lesson 1 Jennifer will present an informative slideshow. Part two is a live Q&A from the webinar and we'd love you to ask your questions via the discussion board of this course. 

As usual in the IOPO Training Room, there is a Toolbox with essential links and resources to further information on the NDIS.

We look forward to sharing the course with you and answering your questions. 


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