Best Practice for Organisers

Creating Pathways for Successful Business | taught by IOPO Signature PD with Carolyn Verhoef, Jennifer Manefield and Linda Eagleton

Course description

This 2.5-hour course is ideal for members new to the organising industry or for those wanting to complete the IOPO Accreditation pathway. You'll learn the essential foundational elements of conducting a professional, secure and marketable organising business. 

Why the IOPO feel this is essential PD?

  • Inform and educate members on industry-specific business operations
  • Set standards for new to industry members
  • Members become the industry leaders in service standards 
  • Give opportunity to members to build stronger businesses
  • Earn 5 Professional Development Points for Professional Organiser Accreditation with the IOPO


  • Business models - shaping a business that suits your lifestyle and goals
  • Legal agreements – what you need and your obligations
  • Financials – Managing and reporting obligations
  • Consumer rights - how you operate and trade. Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Insurance - what you and your business need to be secure.

  • Ensuring your own physical safety with suitable or protective attire, lifting techniques and tools
  • Creating awareness of the physical safety and health of your client during sessions
  • Being aware of states of wellbeing during sessions and after effects
  • Processes to limit the danger 
  • Health precautions to be aware of dust, toxins, insects 
  • Health and safety of your business

  • Your responsibilities as a business online - website terms of use policy, privacy policy, 
  • Etiquette in marketing
  • The role of social media
  • Using the IOPO logo
  • Leading your business using industry language


IOPO Signature PD with Carolyn Verhoef, Jennifer Manefield and Linda Eagleton
IOPO Signature PD with Carolyn Verhoef, Jennifer Manefield and Linda Eagleton

Carolyn Verhoef - Outside the Box Organisation Solutions

Taking a unique holistic approach to organising, clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter from peoples lives. She works predominantly with busy micro and small business owners in creating profitable and productive businesses. She attributes many of her skills to past experiences as Chef and Managing Businesses in hospitality and retail industries. Owner and operator of her own business for over 10 years she brings a broad array of practical experience to the IOPO Professional Development offering.
Carolyn is certified in Mental Health First Aid, Life Purpose Coaching and has been awarded Top 100 Influential Small Business in Perth.

Jennifer Manefield - Jennifer's Decluttering Solutions

Jennifer started Jennifer’s Decluttering Solutions in June 2014 and began immediately working full-time, initially with senior Australians decluttering and downsizing with a particular emphasis on chronic disorganisation, hoarding and dementia. Her interest in how mental health issues impact peoples’ ability to manage their possessions means she has increasingly begun to work in the mental health sector and is excited by the potential role for Professional Organisers within the constantly evolving NDIS. She is passionate about both professional development and her industry. She is now an Accredited member of the IOPO and serves on the Board in the Research & Development role.

Linda Eagleton - Creative Surrounds

In her previous incarnation, Linda was an energetic and creative Project Manager and Marketing professional. A born organiser, she is passionate about the industry, working in both the private and public sector, via speaking engagements, and collaborates with several charities. Linda is also a wife, mother and self-proclaimed ‘craft nerd’!
Through her role in the IOPO, Linda aims to provide thought leadership and make a positive impact by promoting the industry, highlighting its professional nature and members achievements. 

Course Curriculum

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