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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Essential Initial Steps to Becoming a Professional Organiser

    • What is a Professional Organiser?

    • Take the Initial Steps

    • Start Where You're At

    • The Key Factors for Starting

    • Start and Grow with Confidence

    • When Can I Call Myself a Professional Organiser

    • Test your learning - Essential Initial Steps Module 1

  • 3

    How and Where to Begin

    • How and Where Do I Begin?

    • Starting Out Stories

    • PO Stories - Building Confidence from Passion

    • PO Stories - Doing What You Love

    • PO Stories - Taking the Leap By Mistake

    • PO Stories - From Chaos to Organised

    • PO Stories - A Business to Fit My Life and Family

    • PO Stories - Organising by Design

    • PO Stories - Creating Calm Together

    • PO Stories - The Unexpected Career Change

  • 4

    Professional Organiser Skills and Training

    • What Types of Training to do to Become a PO

    • Client Skills

    • Client Skills - Communication

    • Client Skills - Listening

    • Client Skills - Organising

    • Client Skills - Decluttering

    • Client Skills - Productivity

    • Client Skills - Design

    • Business Skills

    • Business Skills - Business Operations

    • Business Skills - Finance

    • Business Skills - Marketing

    • Business Skills - Technology

    • Where to Find Training

    • Taking Out the Guesswork of Getting Started

    • PO Mentoring & Training Ideas

    • Organising Course Evaluation Tool

    • Test your learning - PO Skills & Training Module 3

  • 5

    Taking the Next Steps...

    • Taking the Next Step

    • Getting Hands-on Expereince

    • I'm Ready to Start

    • Set Your Goals

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Toolbox - Links and resources

    • Before you go...

Course Overview

Becoming a Professional Organiser

Over the four module's you'll find your answers to how to begin a career as a Professional Organiser, or PO for short. We created this course to assist you in the initial research phase and share how to get started from ground zero. The course take's around 4hrs to complete with additional worksheets to explore further learning. After doing this course you'll be clear and confident to start your PO journey, plus it will save you valuable time and money by knowing how to take your first steps. At the Institute of Professional Organisers IOPO, our main objective is provide opportunities for people to be part of something bigger, we'd love to welcome you to this amazingly rewarding experience of Professional Organising.
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Your Instructor

Carolyn Verhoef

IOPO Instructor

Carolyn Verhoef - Outside the Box Organisation Solutions. Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Educator, Carolyn has spent much of her career working with busy micro and small business owners in creating profitable and productive businesses. More recently she's specialised in organising coaching for the non-neurotiypical and ADHD. Starting in Sydney and expanding to other capital cities in Australia she began her PO career in 2007 conducting workshops and teaching people to organise and simplify their lives. Carolyn is an Expert IOPO Accredited Professional Organiser and Organising Coach. She brings an holistic approach to organising, by clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter from peoples lives. She also holds Accredition in Mental Health First Aid and is an Organizer Coach Foundation Graduate. Carolyn is also the Professional Development Advisory Board Member for the IOPO.