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Professional Development for the Organising Industry

IOPO Signature PD with Carolyn Verhoef, Jennifer Manefield and Linda Eagleton

Best Practice for Organisers

Creating pathways for a successful business.

IOPO Membership & Accreditation

How to Become an IOPO Member and Gain Accreditation in the Organising Industry

Learn how and why becoming an IOPO member could help your Professional Organising career.

IOPO Board with Rebecca Mezzino - Accreditation

The IOPO Code of Practice Essentials

Jennifer Manefield

Working with the NDIS for Professional Organisers

What you need to know about the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the potential role you play in this sector.

IOPO Signature PD with Scott Hardiman

Insurance Essentials for Organisers

Understanding Risk and Insurance. Step by step plain English Webinar style course to help you choose the right insurance for your business.

IOPO Signature PD With Ian Tait

Legally Organised

Learn the essential legal elements of running a Professional Organising business from start-up to protecting and selling your business.